Recipes & Freezer Cooking


 I love freezer cooking because...
  1. Saves Time- It takes no extra time to double a recipe you are already making for dinner. You are also only grocery shopping, cleaning dishes and cleaning up once for two meals.
  2. Save Money- less trips to the grocery store.
  3. Healthier choices for your family-Less preservative & sodium than store bought freezer meals and allows to work dietary needs: gluten and dairy free, MSG allergies, etc.
  4. Allows you to be generous to those in need.  I am so thankful to always have a lasagna ready for when a friend has a baby or an unexpected emergency. 



Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, try to cook dozens of meals the first time you  freezer cook! I spent over a year just doubling recipes (one for dinner and one the freezer), and finding recipes that my family liked before I ever tried a big freezer cooking day. If you have several tried and true freezer recipes you know your family loves, then please proceed and  read the following posts on freezer cooking with friends. :) 

See below posts on other ways to get your friends involved with Freezer Cooking by starting swap.


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